Special Events
  • Captured LIVE in HD and Screening Concurrently with the New York Season


    Welcome to the Opera revolution!


    Forum Cinema is delighted to announce a fresh season of thrilling performances in an exciting all-new 2016-2017 programme from the New York Metropolitan Opera.

  • The Orange Film Society Inc. is a self-supporting and non-profit organisation dedicated to the appreciation of film culture.

    The Film Society's aim is to encourage interest in film as an art and as a medium of entertainment, information and education. A film is shown every month, except December, on Sundays and Mondays. They select cultural films for their program (eg. arthouse, foreign language), and try to bring films that people would not get the chance see living outside the capital cities. 

    Everyone is most welcome to attend.





  • EXHIBITION ON SCREEN brings blockbuster art exhibitions from galleries around the world to cinemas.
    Produced by award-winning director, Phil Grabsky, the upcoming season of Exhibition on Screen follows the success of previous titles Vincent Van Gogh, The Impressionists, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Matisse, and Rembrant. These special cinema events screened to over 1300 cinemas across more than 40 countries.

    These films not only provide international audiences with the opportunity to see exhibitions they wouldn’t otherwise be able to view, they also afford those that have attended the exhibitions with greater detail and insights – providing an in-depth unique account of each exhibition. Filmed exclusively for cinema at the exhibitions and on location, this ground-breaking series allows art lovers worldwide to enjoy, marvel and delight at the works of some of history’s greatest ever painters on the big screen, in stunning high definition.

  • André Rieu is back in Maastricht! Enjoy André’s summer evening concerts in the most romantic square in the Netherlands: the Vrijthof in Maastricht! In July 2017, André will be putting on these concerts for the thirteenth year running.

    Enjoy the unique performances by André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra, as well as soloists and guest appearances! Every year André makes a big splash with special guest artists at the Vrijthof! Come and join the party and enjoy the irresistible waltzes, classical music, operetta and musicals... an evening you won’t be able to forget. Come and see for yourself why André Rieu has been one of the world’s most popular live acts for a number of years! Order your tickets now!

  • The Disney Princess Festival showcases some Disney’s most magical animated movies. From the all time favourite Cinderella to the more modern Tangled, princesses, princes and the whole family can see these beautiful Disney princess movies as they were meant to be seen on the big screen over four special weekends in August and September.

    Everyone is encouraged to dress up and sing along at this amazing event, and guarantees to keep the whole family entertained.

    Ticket prices and session times to be confirmed.

    • Take your partner so you can hold their hand (for their benefit, of course...right?)
    • Take a mate so you can pretend you aren't scared at all (you're not scared of a little horror movie we know?)
    • Take your bestie so you can unashamedly be scared sh- sorry, witless together.
    • Remember if you are underage, you gotta have photo ID or come with an adult. Bring your Nan, she will love the pretty doll (evil laugh)...you know the drill.

    Just don't come alone!


    • Get two tickets for $30
    • A Conjuring Combo for $20
      • two medium soft drinks/bottles of water (do you really want to have to go to the toilet halfway? Alone in the dark?)
      • two medium popcorns, and
      • two medium bags of lollies (chocolate will always protect you)

    So it's a wrap for $30 without yummies or $50 with (pre-purchase your combo voucher and collect on the night)

    Watch this space, as we will do it all again for It in September!